Genfuoco - Dentro L'invisible (Vinyl)


Italo Prog


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Studio Album, released in 1979
Vinyl Reissue AMS Recordsw

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Ouverture (6:12)
2. Della tana 4:01)
3. Traspare (6:27)
4. Terra Promessa - parte I e II (6:37)
5. Galassie (7:04)
6. La Serenata Del Fiume (3:56)
7. Dentro L'Invisibile (5:11)

Line-up / Musicians

- Marco Brogogni / lead vocals, flute, acoustic guitar
- Tarcisio Bratto / acoustic guitar, sax
- Franco Cecchi / keyboards, synths
- Giovanni de Luca / bass
- Paolo de Luca / guitars
- Marco Naldini / drums, percussion

Prog with symphonic, prog, fusion, prog pop and relaxed jazz influences and some acoustic parts. Great synth and sax playing. Flutes (soprano and alto) at times as well as folk instruments. Really ok, but not incredible. Not easy to get a grip upon because unlike other Italian prog it has easy rather soft moody fusion in it with the styles described. Excellent Italian band from the late 70's