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Originally recorded 1976-1977

Vinyl reissue 2017 New Music - Green Tree

Including 1 bonustrack !
Music remastered from the original master tapes.

Sealed !

The LP contains lots of artwork and photos, production & recording information about all songs and extensive private / background info about the bonus track written by Robert Webb.

The Last of the Jubblies is a compilation of unreleased music by the progressive rock group, England. England produced the Garden Shed album for Arista Records in 1977 and continued to record new music throughout the late 70s. As a result of worldwide interest in England's music, The Last of the Jubblies was released in 1995 on CD. Subsequently, progressive music fans have labelled The Last of the jubblies as England's second album: a claim which is partly true since four of the tracks were written and recorded immediately after Garden Shed (in the winter of 1977) as ideas for an album. However, other recordings were included on the 1995 CD which were felt to be of interest. These were: Nanogram (1976), Mister Meener (1976). This >Silver Edition< of The Last of the Jubblies album continues in the spirit of the 1995 release by including two >bonus recordings< from 1977, which have never before been published, and a third track, Hotel Live (extract) from the band's concert performance in Tokyo in 2006. This is feasible because Nanogram has been omitted from this edition as it was included on Green Tree's >Golden Edition< of Garden Shed, published in 2015. This album is therefore seen as a complement to the >Golden Edition<.>
The band first formed in 1975 as a three piece group, but after a series of changes brought about through lack of resources and then new management, four sufficiently determined members emerged, and we recorded Garden Shed with Arista Records during 1976. Coinciden-tally and perhaps significantly, we were all exactly the same age (23 in 1976), yet we had come to-gether from different regions of the UK. Later, and nearly a year after Garden Shed's release, bass player Martin Henderson was replaced by Jaffa, (Geoff Peckham) and shortly after that by Phil Gill. Jaffa recorded with us on the four Surrey Sound Studios tracks featured here; and Phil performed on the gigs that followed.
Prior to the first album, I believe that each of us thought that if the music was good enough, then; management, record deal, touring agent, radio interviews, etc., would all follow on, natu-rally. Wrong. Briefly, the band would not even have released an album if it hadn't been for the sustained inter-est in the band's music by Tony Roberts, Andrew Bailey and Julie Hooker, all of whom were work-ing at Arista Records (UK). Insufficient resources meant that the band, who were very keen to gig, were unable to do so. After what amounted to three years of struggle, the band independently sold all and any superfluous assets in order to get on the road: which we succeeded in doing. Although even then, we were let down by several tour agents and this disappointing series of events happened to coincided with the shift in the music media's focus towards punk artists.


Side A
Creepin' Instrumental 6:32
A One-Legged Day Tale 8:58
Tooting Bec Rope Case 8:41
Mister Meener 3:35

Side B
Ridge Farm 8:24
Flying Saucers 5:24
Sausage Pie 5:14
Hotel >Live< (Extract) 6:38


Martin Henderson / bass & vocals
Franc Holland / guitar & voacals
Robert Webb / keyboards & vocals
Jode Leigh / percussion, bass & vocals
Geoff Jaffa Peckham / Fender Jazz Bass, vocals
Steve Laffy / Drums
Al Johnson / Electric Guitars, effects
Maggie Alexander / Mellotron, vocals