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Symphonic-Prog (Argentina)

2 original recordings on 1 CD:

(Studio Album, 1975)

Track Listings

1. Todo Tiempo Posible (4:33)
2. Mes (4:54)
3. Corto Amanecer (2:55)
4. La Triste Visión del Entierro Propio (5:00)
5. Irónico Ser (4:06)
6. Determinados Espejos (6:54)
7. Recluso Artista (6:45)


- Gustavo Montesano / Guitar, lead vocals
- Aníbal Kerpel / organ, Fender Rhodes, Arp Solina string, Moog, piano
- Pino Marrone / Lead guitar, vocals
- Gonzalo Farrugia / drums, percussion
- José Luis Fernández / bass

Los Delirios Del Mariscal
(Studio Album, 1976)

Track Listings

1. No Me Separen de Mi (6:06)
2. Los Delirios del Mariscal (10:10)
3. Pollo Frito (5:45)
4. Abismo Terrenal (12:30)


- Gustavo Montesano / bass, vocals
- Anibal Kerpel / organ, Moog, Fender Rhodes, keyboards
- Pino Marrone / guitar, vocals
- Gonzalo Farrugia / drums

+ 2 Bonus Tracks

This Argentinian band from Buenos Aires featured Gustavo Montesano (bass/vocals), Anibel Kerpel (keyboards), Pino Marrone (guitar/vocals) and a drummer from Uruguay named Gonzalo Farrugia (from the known progrock band Psiglo). They existed from ’74 until ’77 and made two records: Crusis from ’76 and Los Delirios Del Mariscal from ’77. The music has a typcial Seventies sound with echoes from THE NICE and FOCUS.

The music is half instrumental/half with strong Spanish vocals and the emphasis is on the keybaords (organ, string-ensemble, synthesizers Steinway - and Fender Rhodes piano), the rhythm-section sounds powerful and adventurous. The compositions are strong and dynamic with surprising breaks and the interplay between the electric guitar (often spectacular wah-wah) and keyboards is captivating. On their second album the tracks are longer with more solos and a stronger influence from jazzrock and Dutch masters FOCUS.