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Original release 1974
Vinyl Reissue 2009 Missing Vinyl
Limited edition 180g vinyl.

Crash Coffin's eponymous album was originally released privately in 1974 on the Mus-I-Col label. It is very rare and sought after by early '70s US psychedelic collectors worldwide. Not unjustly so, since it contains one of the best psychedelic songs ever recorded ('God Loves the Loser') and a couple of other great moody psych tracks. It contains 2 unreleased bonus tracks from the same period. Limited edition of 500, deluxe 180g vinyl, heavy original cover and insert with group history. Insert also contains a sketch of what the original cover was supposed to become -- if it were not for lack of funds -- that led to an original release with plain white covers -- half of them carrying Crash Coffin's signature.