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Original release 1968
Re-issue 2008 Lion Records
+ 1 Bonustrack

Caetano called the Beat Boys, an Argentinean group settled in Sao Paulo who had been inspired by the Beatles, to accompany him in Alegria, Alegria. That , in fact marked the beginning of the Tropicalista thing. - Gilberto Gil

Along with Os Mutantes, the Boobás and the Beatniks, the Beat Boys represented the most radical element in Brazilian rock-their name, clothes, and hair were all fierce indicators of the hippie spirit, and this in a dangerous time for such self-sxpression. This disc includes the Beat Boys entire output under their own name: their sole album-an exercise in what one might call controlled Tropicalia - released by RCA Victor in 1968, as well as a rare singles track from the same year.


01. A Felicidade
02. A Time For Remembrance
03. Meu Tamborim
04. Era uma Vez uma Menina
05. Abre, Sou Eu
06. Abrigo de Palavras em Caixas do Céu
07. Wake me, Shake me
08. Pobre Coração
09. Sempre Esperando
10. Canção que Ninguém Mais Cantou
11. Canudinho