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Baumstam - On Tour + 2 Unreleased Bonus Tracks (Digipack)




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NEW MUSIC - GREEN TREE proudly presents :

Official Re-Release of BAUMSTAM’s legendary album ‚"ON TOUR‚"

+ bonus

Including 2 exclusive ‚"studio recordings‚" from 2008

6 page gatefold cover digipak + 6 page booklet

Exclusive liner notes

Digitally remastered

The story of Baumstam
The band has been founded September 1972. The four young
artists lived in the town called Witten in North Rhine Westphalia, West-Germany.
The founders have been: Gerdi Stracke (unmarried Meyer) -drums-,
Ulrich ("Uli‚") Klawitter -vocals, guitar-, Michael ("Bich‚") Lobbe -guitar- and
Michael ("Hüne‚") Willecke -bass-.
In 1974 Volker Wobbe -bass- came along for "Hüne‚" who left the band.
Volker lived in Dortmund.
Baumstam toured across Germany in the 70ties, playing many concerts in clubs, concert halls and also great open-air-festivals. Sometimes there have been concerts together with two other bands from Witten, "Franz K‚" and "Faithful Breath‚".
The sound of Baumstam was based on two heavy Fuzz-guitars. This has made history and you can read about Baumstam in Rock-encyclopedias about the Krautrock era.
In 1975 the LP "on tour‚" was recorded. This LP is very famous. Record collectors are searching for the original LP willing to pay very high prices.
"On tour‚" was rereleased 3 times since then. On CD, TRC-label in 1990 and 1994 and again on LP, ambersoundroom-label in 2004.
The temporary end of Baumstam was in summer 1977. The reason for it was, the boys couldn´t compromise to close a record-contract with the record label "Deutsche Gramophon‚".

Baumstam today
In February 2004, after a long time, the artists have met again. On the spur of the moment Baumstam has become a new life and there has been the reunion.
New added to the band is Adrian ("Adi‚") Klawitter -guitar, keyboards- (for "Bich‚" Lobbe). From August 2004 up to August 2006, Anna Weigand was a member of the band -backing vocals, flute, percussions-. In 2005 a new LP/CD has been released: "Dreams of Yesterday‚", including 10 songs of caracteristical Baumstam style. Since 2005 you can relive the band live on stage. Baumstam is ‚"on tour‚" again.