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Banchee - Banchee + Thinkin (2on1 CD)




Lizard Records


2on1 CD



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German Progressive Rock

Original release 1969
Re-issue 2001 Lizard Records

One of the long-forgotten psychedelic bands from Boston, this disc contains both of their albums from 1969 and 1971. They deserved better as both releases have some excellent trippy moments with ripping lead guitar work throughout. I Just Don't know is from the first album is an awesome piece of guitar psych whilst the second album, recorded at Electric Ladyland studio's, ranks as one of the best early '70's US heavy guitar excursions. Well worth checking out.

Warren Schatz
Stephen Schlaks
Jose Miguel Dejesus
Victor Digilo
Michael Marino
Peter Alongi

Track Listing:
1. The Night Is Calling
2. Train of Life
3. As me thinks
4. Follow A Dream
5. Beautifully Day
6. Evolmia
7. I just don't know
8. Hands of a clock
9. Tom's Island
10. John Doe
11. Willya
12. 3/4 Song
13. Thinkin'
14. Searcher's Life
15. Iceberg
16. Children of the Universe
17. 38