Ashdown, Doug - The Age Of Mouse (CD)




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Singer / Songwriter

Original release 1970
Re-issue 2005 Estrella Rockera

Doug's fourth album, his first for Sweet Peach, was The Age Of Mouse which earned him a place in the history books as the first double album of original material ever released in Australia, almost two years before Spectrum's Milesago. The songs were co-written with Jimmy Stewart, and the instrumental backing was provided by Fraternity. Sweet Peach lifted three singles — On The Day They Freed The Noise, The Saddest Song Of All and And The Lion Roared, all released during 1970. The first two singles were local chart successes, and the album gained considerable critical acclaim. As a result, it was picked up by MCA for overseas release in fifty countries. Doug recorded a live LP to follow up, but by that time The Age Of Mouse had generated enough interest in the USA to prompt Doug and Jimmy to move there.