Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated - R & B From The Marquee (Vinyl)


Blues / Country / Fo


Sweet Dandelion





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Originally released 1962
Vinyl reissue 2010 Sweet Dandelion records

Sweet Dandelion presents you the milestone album of British R&B. Alexis Korner, interested in the new blues and jazz sounds coming from America, started playing at The Blues Sessions that Chris Barber set up at The Marquee. It was there that Korner formed, together with Ciryl Davies, the Blues Incorporated, who shortly after obtained their own weekly residence that, as the original liner notes to the album read, would gather every Thursday a crowd of more than seven hundred people. The band would offer a number of emerging musicians of the early 1960s the chance to join them on stage. The list of artists who participated is immense, and includes essential artists in British rock history, such as Mick Jagger, Graham Bond, Eric Burdon, Long John Baldry, Brian Jones, Art Wood, Ginger Baker and many, many more. The band, and this seminal debut album, proved to be the starting point for the whole British R&B scene and for most of the early and mid '60s English rock/beat bands, turning this album into an undeniable slice of rock'n'roll history.